Changing the game

Embark on a journey with us to revolutionise the world of sports training. With a roster of world-class, elite-level coaches, POD1UM is set to democratise access to top-tier training for athletes of all standards.

The Ultimate Training Platform

Unlock unparalleled access to top-tier coaching and resources with POD1UM. Designed as a dynamic, multi-sided platform, it connects athletes of every caliber with industry-leading professionals and their expertise.

On one side, verified performance specialists like Strength & Conditioning coaches, Performance Nutritionists, and Athletic Therapists are invited to join the platform, ensuring a curated selection of trusted professionals. While on the other side, athletes of all levels enjoy access to a wealth of knowledge, and trusted services, tailored to their specific needs.

The Business Model

As part of its unique business model, POD1UM offers advanced coaching software to coaches at zero cost, while also offering a free mobile app to athletes, creating a frictionless onboarding experience for all users.

Sports organisations, private enterprises, clubs, academies, and teams can also utilise POD1UM to optimise their operations, increase engagement and drive transactions - further accelerating platform growth.

Revenue Model

POD1UM generates revenue primarily through a commission-based model, profiting from transactions on the platform’s marketplace, and through external payment links generated by private coaches.

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Scalable & Resilient

POD1UM is redefining industry standard.

High fragmentation, search costs and verification issues, POD1UM solves them all.

The Team

Combined, the founders have over 30 years of experience, both commercially and professionally, in sports & fitness. These experiences have provided unique insights into existing problems, and helped shape an innovative business model to effectively address them.

Picture of Conor Finn

Conor Finn

Conor has over 10 years experience in sports and fitness business management, serving the athletic population.

Picture of Barry Solan

Barry Solan

Currently the head of Strength & Conditioning at Arsenal FC, Barry has worked with Pro athletes and teams across the world.

Picture of Advisors


From conception, POD1UM has benefitted from advice & guidance from industry leading founders, engineers and growth professionals.

The Opportunity

Fuelled by network effects and a multi-channel user acquisition strategy, we are projecting a gross profit of €20m, EBITDA of €14m, and a company valuation exceeding €200m by 2028. This confident forecast, which predicts a 20x return on the initial investment for this round, is supported by our robust growth plans, operational efficiency, and strategic leveraging of network effects—where each new user significantly enhances the platform's value, accelerating our growth.

Funding Process

POD1UM has opened a funding round of €1.25m, to enable the employment of further key personnel, and to provide the funds necessary for accelerated growth. We are committed to driving substantial value and are optimistic about achieving significant returns at exit.

€385k Pre-Seed

€385k raised to date from professional athletes & experienced tech entrepreneurs

Completed 100%

€1.25m Seed

€1,250,000 total raise, including a €250k co-investment from Enterprise Ireland.



€100-250,000 ask for 1 to 2.5% equity, plus share options for agreed commercial activity.

Phil Foden X POD1UM

Your dedication to our mission matters to us, and we understand your busy schedule and professional commitments. That’s why we’re committed to crafting a custom commercial arrangement that aligns with your individual circumstances and personal brand. Together, we’ll work collaboratively to achieve mutual success. Our partnership is rooted in a shared belief in our journey and purpose, making it a cornerstone of our collaboration.

Further Information

Some additional information relating to investment opportunities, and the POD1UM business model and growth strategy. 

POD1UM has a strong founding team with excellent founder-market fit. Conor Finn & Barry Solan co-founded the company, after identifying the opportunity in 2021.
Combined the founders have extensive experience in the area of sports performance coaching, both commercially and in professional sports environments.
Further, the company benefits from a highly experienced advisory panel.

Due to high start up costs, time restraints, and marketing challenges, many top tier professionals do not offer their content or services online. Even the most renowned performance specialists find it difficult to stand out from the crowd in the unregulated and saturated online fitness market. See more about POD1UM’s solutions for coaches

Motivated athletes are actively seeking an edge in their training. However, significant search costs are accrued when trying to find guidance from a high quality sports professional.​

A lack of regulation in the fitness industry has led to trust issues for consumers, and reduced confidence when considering training content or services online.​

See more about POD1UM’s solutions for athletes

Yes! From the date of release of, the business has been revenue generating and has shown significant promise for growth potential. Despite the company having focused on a small target market initially, transactions have been made on the platform by users from 8 different countries already.

There are many companies who provide solutions to coaches to enable them to offer digital training to clients. We have extensively trialed all of the most popular software packages over the past number of years, for example TeamBuildr, BridgeAthletic, Volt Athletics, and TrainHeroic.
Individual coaches or companies who subscribe to these “software as a service packages”, often do so to offer services to clients online, or to provide digitally enhanced training at their training facilities. 

Differentiator: For coaches, while many of these companies offer good software packages, none solve the problems we have identified in relation to effectively connecting supply with demand, solving for start up costs, curation/verification, support, marketing and scaling challenges.

Plans for the short term include the recruitment of key personnel, a strong emphasis on growth engineering and the acquisition of users, in particular on the supply side. 

In the medium term, plans include scaling of performance marketing activities, formation of strategic partnerships, further development of AI assistance features, and expansion geographically. 

The growth of POD1UM’s platform is fuelled by a multi-channel acquisition strategy involving user referrals, paid advertising, SEO and other organic methods, marketing by coaches, and also through the importing of existing clients by private coaches, clubs or organisations. These diverse strategies successfully utilise network effects, fostering an organic growth that benefits both athletes and coaches. As more athletes join the platform, more content is listed by coaches, which in turn further increases demand.

We are projecting a gross profit of €20m, EBITDA of €14m, and a company valuation exceeding €200m within 5 years. This confident forecast, which predicts a 20x return on the initial investment for this round, is supported by our robust growth plans, operational efficiency, and strategic leveraging of network effects.

If you are interested in speaking more about this opportunity please contact us by email at to arrange for a call. Thank you!

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Fuelled by network effects, POD1UM has significant potential to be a major player globally within a rapidly growing market. Invest in the future of athletic training and sports performance.

"Brilliant App!! This has essentially unlocked elite coaching for everyone. Get on it!"

Katie Taylor, Olympic Champion