Changing the game

POD1UM is a fully curated marketplace enabling athletes of all levels to access trusted content & services from leading sports professionals.


On the supply side, users can join the platform with an invitation from another professional, or from POD1UM, but require verification to be featured on the marketplace.

The demand side is open ended, with athletes of all levels joining for free.

Sports organisations, private companies or individuals, clubs, academies and teams can also benefit from participating on the platform - driving further traffic, transactions and growth.

Solutions for coaches

Due to high start up costs, time restraints, and marketing challenges, many top tier professionals do not offer their content or services online. Even the most renowned performance specialists find it difficult to stand out from the crowd in the unregulated and saturated online fitness market.

Revenue Stream

Many sports professionals work short term contracts with teams or organisations, making the opportunity for an additional & passive income stream enticing.

Built for Scale

Capabilities include language translation, metric and imperial data options, timezone schedule adjustment and automated currency/tax management.

Ratings & Reviews

In addition to a 'Pro' or 'Verified' badge, testimonials, and an outline of experience, coach profiles contain a rating & review system to maximise consumer trust.

Superior Coaching Tools

POD1UM provides coaches with an advanced workout builder, content creation tools, athlete management system and audio/video calling features.

Promotion Tools

POD1UM provides marketing & referral tools for coaches to fully leverage their social following, and that of their athletes, to acquire paid members and customers.

Exercise Library

POD1UM provides an extensive library of over 3,000 exercises. This include unique drone recorded conditioning drills for soccer, rugby and gaelic games.

Coach Acquisition

Coaches join the platform by invitation. Invites can be received from POD1UM, or from any other professional on the platform.

Once signed in, they can build out their profile, create training content/services, obtain a ‘Pro’ or ‘Verified’ badge to become featured on the marketplace, and launch & scale a successful online business.

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"A Perfect Solution"

See from industry leading coaches how POD1UM is solving  problems, and presenting a real opportunity for online success.


POD1UM has allowed me to offer my services to athletes I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to reach. The platform’s focus on quality and expertise ensures that athletes are getting the best possible content, while also providing coaches with a source of income.

Nic Gill, New Zealand All Blacks

POD1UM has helped me reach a wider audience and showcase my expertise to athletes of all levels. It’s great to be part of a platform that values the quality of coaching and provides a frictionless experience for both coaches and athletes

Nicole Rodriguez, czech basketball

I love how POD1UM has made it easy for coaches to list content and connect with athletes everywhere. The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive resources have saved me a huge amount of time and effort, it really is a perfect solution for busy coaches.

Robbie Cannon, Professional Golf
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Unlocking Pro Coaching for all

POD1UM is levelling the playing field by extending elite coaching and support to all athletes.

solutions for athletes

Motivated athletes are actively seeking an edge in their training. However, significant search costs are accrued when trying to find guidance from a high quality sports professional.

A lack of regulation in the fitness industry has led to trust issues for consumers, and reduced confidence when considering training content or services online.

Search Engine

At its core, POD1UM is a marketplace that enables athletes to easily find high quality sports performance content & services.

Exercise History

Every exercise set completed is available to both athletes and coaches to monitor progress, and guide future workouts.

Trust & Verification

Coaches featured on POD1UM are vetted for both experience and expertise, with verification badges displayed as proof.

Free Content

All users can access a library of free workouts, a curated blog feed and an advanced workout builder.

Seamless Swaps

With a POD1UM membership athletes can seamlessly swap between training plans at no additional cost.

Flexible Support

POD1UM offers flexible support options including AI powered chat, message support, and video/audio calling.

Athlete Acquisition

An athlete may discover POD1UM from a search, a promotion by a coach or partner, a referral from another athlete, or from a paid Ad.

Signing up is both free & easy, and POD1UM converts 4.2% of all accounts to paid users or members.

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Using POD1UM has been a game-changer for me! With access to top-level coaching and training plans, I’ve made significant improvements in my strength, power & fitness.

Liam M, Rugby

POD1UM has taken the guesswork out of training for me! The coaches are of the highest quality and I’m seeing the results already from following my plan. Highly recommended!

Daniel E, Golf

I’m loving POD1UM! The programs have been a significant help in boosting my performance, I’ve seen great results since joining. Would definitely recommend.

Rebecca G, Soccer

"Brilliant App!! This has essentially unlocked elite coaching for everyone. Get on it!"

Katie Taylor, Olympic Champion

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Collaborations on POD1UM offer pro verified coaches the potential to benefit from the social proof and influence of the elite athletes they work with, without sacrificing on supply quality. Athletes may perform workout demonstrations, participate in a promotional podcast/blog materials and assist in marketing “their plan, by their coach”.

Additionally, coach collaborations with official commercial partners, presents the opportunity for further promotion, and revenue generation.

The Business Model

As part of its unique business model, POD1UM offers advanced coaching software to coaches at zero cost, while also offering a free mobile app to athletes, creating a frictionless onboarding experience for all users.

Scalable & Defensible

The POD1UM model is introducing new high quality supply to the market.

High fragmentation, search costs and verification issues, POD1UM solves them all.

Revenue Model

POD1UM generates revenue primarily through a commission-based model, profiting from transactions on the platform’s marketplace, and through external payment links generated by private coaches.

Payment Received

Seller Commission

Affiliate Commission

Platform Take

The Opportunity

Fuelled by network effects and a multi-channel user acquisition strategy, POD1UM is poised for significant growth.


POD1UM is now ready to open its first institutional funding round of €1mm, enabling the employment of key personnel, and providing the funds necessary for launch and accelerated growth.

€1mm Seed

€1,000,000 total raise. Including €250k co-investment from Enterprise Ireland.

2 years

The total raise allows a conservatively projected 24 months of runway.

Further Information

Some additional information relating to investment opportunities, and the POD1UM business model and growth strategy. 

POD1UM has a strong founding team with excellent founder-market fit. Conor Finn & Barry Solan co-founded the company, after identifying the opportunity in 2021.
Combined the founders have extensive experience in the area of sports performance coaching, both commercially and in professional sports environments.
Further, the company benefits from a highly experienced advisory panel.

To date, the company has employed the services of reputable agencies and skilled freelancers, but plans to make a number of key hires in the coming months.

There are many companies who provide solutions to coaches to enable them to offer digital training to clients. We have extensively trialed all of the most popular software packages over the past number of years, for example TeamBuildr, BridgeAthletic, Volt Athletics, and TrainHeroic.
Individual coaches or companies who subscribe to these “software as a service packages”, often do so to offer services to clients online, or to provide digitally enhanced training at their training facilities. 

Differentiator: For coaches, while many of these companies offer good software packages, none solve the problems we have identified in relation to effectively connecting supply with demand, solving for start up costs, curation/verification, support, marketing and scaling challenges.

Yes! From the date of release of, the business has been revenue generating and has shown significant promise for growth potential. Despite the company having focused on a small target market initially, transactions have been made on the platform by users from 5 different countries already.

Plans for the short term include the recruitment of key personnel, a strong emphasis on growth engineering and the acquisition of users, in particular on the supply side. 

In the medium term, plans include scaling of performance marketing activities, formation of strategic partnerships, development of AI assistance features, and expansion geographically. 

The growth of POD1UM’s platform is fuelled by a multi-channel acquisition strategy involving user referrals, paid advertising, SEO and other organic methods, marketing by coaches, and also through the importing of existing clients by private coaches, clubs or organisations. These diverse strategies successfully utilise network effects, fostering an organic growth that benefits both athletes and coaches. As more athletes join the platform, more content is listed by coaches, which in turn further increases demand.

POD1UM’s unique value proposition presents a highly promising opportunity in the intersection of sports and technology. By connecting athletes with expert coaches through a user-friendly platform while maintaining an economically feasible revenue model, POD1UM is poised for significant growth within a thriving market.

If you are interested in speaking more about this opportunity please contact us by email at to arrange for a call. Thank you!

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Fuelled by network effects, POD1UM has significant potential to be a major player globally within a rapidly growing market. Invest in the future of athletic training and sports performance.